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Small Grants Posters 2011

The posters below were produced by the recipients of small grants in academic year 2010/11.

Seven groups received funding in the 2011/12 competition.

The city in urban poverty

  • Dr Charlotte Lemanski


  • Dr Colin Marx

    (Development Planning Unit)

GCSC (Lemanski) The City in Urban Poverty

Developing sustainable food and agriculture in London

  • Dr Robert Biel
    (Development Planning Unit)
  • Dr Gemma Moore

    (UCL Public Engagement Unit)

  • Marina Chang

    (Development Planning Unit)

GCSC (Chang) Developing Sustainable Agri-Food Systems in London

Integrated Algae Growth in the Built Environment

  • Dr Luiza Campos

    (Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)

  • Dr Saul Purton

    (Structural and Molecular Biology)

  • Marco Lizzul

    (Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)

  • Dr Frank Baganz

    (Biochemical Engineering)

  • Dr Marcos Cruz

    (Bartlett: Architecture)

  • Paul Hellier

    (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Richard Beckett

    (Bartlett: Architecture)

GCSC (Campos) Integrated Production of Algal Biomass

Tsunamis in Port Cities from Generation to Impact

  • Dr Serge Guillas

    (Statistical Science)

  • Prof William McGuire

    (Earth Sciences & Aon Benfield UCL Hazard Research Centre)


One Day in the City: UCL's Global Celebration of Culture

  • Dr Nick Shepley


  • Prof Iain Borden

    (The Bartlett School of Architecture)

  • Dr Andrea Fredericksen

    (UCL Art Museum)

GCSC (Shepley) One Day in the City

Open City: Architecture

  • Dr Michael Stewart


  • Prof Nic Clear

    (Bartlett: Unit 15)

GCSC (Stewart) MyStreet & Open Citys Doc Festival

Planning the healthy city:soft-normativism as an approach to problems of value pluralism and complexity in built environment interventions

  • Dr James Wilson

    (Division of Research Strategy)

  • Prof Mark Tewdwr-Jones

    (Bartlett School of Planning)

GCSC (Wilson) Planning the Healthy City

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