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Thinking Across Boundaries

Thinking Across Boundaries: Planning Dilemmas in the Urban Global South

UCL's Development Planning Unit (DPU) is critically reflecting on the "urban global south". The DPU is bringing together key actors to debate the notion.

Sustainable Resources for Sustainable Cities Conference

Sustainable Resources for Sustainable Cities Conference Page

On November 5 and 6, 2013, the BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities/UCL Grand Challenge Symposium Series will focus on the Grand Challenge for Sustainable Cities, with a particular interest in the more sustainable use of natural resources.
The symposium will specifically look to address the challenges around provision of resources for growing urban populations, with regard to the physical built environment, infrastructure, transport and water.

Visualising Small Grants Links

Click on the image below to see the cross-departmental links that have been made through small grants funding.

Go to Departments linked through GCSC Small Grants Funding

Small Grants Poster Galleries

There are galleries for posters produced by the recipients of the GCSC small grants in2011 and 2012.
  • GCSC (Campos) Integrated Production of Algal Biomass poster
  • GCSC (Fraser) Gaza Learning Room poster
  • GCSC (Hui) New Loos for London poster
  • GCSC (Lemanski) The City in Urban Poverty poster
  • GCSC (Nasiri) Water Reuse Networks poster
  • GCSC (Shepley) One Day in the City poster
  • GCSC (Wood-Hill) Whose Olympics?
  • GCSC (Wilson) Planning the Healthy City
  • GCSC (Taws) Ephemeral Cities-Sustainable Research into Non-Sustainable Urban Objects
  • GCSC (Chang) Developing Sustainable Agri-Food Systems in London
  • GCSC (Lipietz) Community Participation in City Wide Planning
  • GCSC (Stewart) MyStreet & Open Citys Doc Festival
The small grants programme runs annually, and includes all of the Grand Challenges

First report from the London 2062 symposium series is available.

Decentralised Energy: Could London Emulate Copenhagen? is a collection of essays from the collaboration between Future of London and UCL. The report considers what we can learn from the Danish decentralised energy network, and  features contributions from Luke Hildyard, Peter North and Bob Fiddik.

Olympics and Sustainable Cities

There are two Olympics related Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities events coming up in September.

Transport and the Olympic Legacy - Driving Innovation (11 September)

The Long Legacy: London 2062 (13 September)

There is also a website covering all of UCL's Olympics related activity.

UCL Lancet Healthy Cities Report

The video below is Professor Yvonne Rydin's introduction to the UCL Lancet Healthy Cities Commission. Video taken from the UCLTV, UCL's YouTube Channel.

You can read a blog about the Healthy Cities Launch event here, there are also videos from the panel presentations and the Q&A session.

There is a website dedicated to the UCL Lancet Commission on healthy cities. The site includes the Lancet article "Shaping Cities for Health: Complexity and the Planning of Urban Environments in the 21st Century"

London 2062 Symposium Presentations

Presentations are available from the London 2062 Symposium series.

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