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iDIBE Town Meeting

29 September 2015


UCL Town Hall meeting to discuss the potential for a new UCL-wide institution for Digital Innovation in the Built Environment.

The rapid growth in computing power and digital communications is enabling radical changes in the ways in which the built environment (both buildings and infrastructure) is conceived, developed and operated.  This is true both for applications of direct relevance to the built environment (e.g. BIM – Building Information Modelling) and also indirect relevance (e.g. cyber security).

The developments of Smart Cities, Big Data and the Internet of Things introduce increasing complexity, as well as many new research and teaching challenges. UCL has a number of 'islands of excellence’ in relevant research, but these are, at best, partly connected.  As such, we are missing out on opportunities on synergies in research, teaching, consultancy and CPD.

To improve our internal understanding and external impact in this area, we would like to discuss the idea of a new virtual institute within UCL, to act as a Socio-Technical Centre for Digital Innovation in the Built Environment.  A possible vision for this might be for: 

"UCL to be clearly positioned as the global leader in digital innovation in the built environment, expanding and developing its existing strengths in The Bartlett and Engineering Faculties, whilst also incorporating social and behavioural sciences."

In order to capture as many views as possible, we will be holding a Town Meeting, and you are warmly invited to come along, hear what is said and have your own say.

Professor Tim Broyd Professor of Built Environment Foresight, The Bartlett
Professor Alan Penn  Dean of The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment
Professor Alexi Marmot Professor of Facility and Environment Management
Professor Jeremy Watson  Vice Dean: Engineering Sciences, Engineering Faculty
Professor John Shawe-Taylor Head of Computer Sciences, Engineering Faculty
Professor Jon French Head of Geography, Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences
Dr Anne Kemp Atkins Fellow, Atkins
Mark Bew Chair of UK Government BIM Task Group

To confirm your attendance please email Tracey Cresswell at, using the Subject of ‘iDIBE Town Meeting’. 

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