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The Ingredients of a Zero Carbon Zero Waste City:

Evolving a ZEDquarter with examples from the ZEDfactory

20th January 2011

Beddington Zero Energy Development is the UK’s largest mixed use sustainable community. It was designed to create a thriving community in which ordinary people could enjoy a high quality of life, while living within their fair share of the Earth’s resources.

BedZED was designed by ZEDfactory, and developed by the Peabody Trust. It was completed and occupied in 2002. The community comprises 50% housing for sale, 25% key worker shared ownership and 25% social housing for rent.

Prior to forming ZEDfactory, Bill was an associate architect for Michael Hopkins and Partners working on the award winning Nottingham University Campus. He also developed the environmental strategy and façade design for Portcullis House, this followed 4 years of research collaborating with the leading environmental consultants in Europe, including Arups, CSTB Nantes, Christian Bartenbach and Conphoebus.

Bill has also taught at the Architectural Association and Kingston University and regularly speaks at a range of seminars and conferences all over the world.

In 1995 Bill built his own house, Hope House which is a prototype low energy live/work unit in which he and his family now live.