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UCL Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities

UCL Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities

Cities – now home to more than half the world’s population- face complex and systemic problems. UCL is concerned with contributing to urban sustainability in the spheres of, for example, ecology, aesthetics, health, economics, culture, equity and intellect.

Our great strengths are the variety of prisms through which we can examine the sustainability of cities and the range of methodologies with which we can bring about change.

Across our disciplines members of the UCL community all have significant contributions to make. We seek to build on existing work, to enhance and integrate it, and to maximise its impact – through working together.

Latest News

2014 Small Grants Scheme Launched

2014 Small Grants Scheme Open for entries

UCL’s Grand Challenges focus on areas that are of pressing importance for society. Areas that can be best understood and resolved through joined up thinking from a wide range of experts from different academic disciplines. The programme provides institutional encouragement and support for researchers from a diversity of disciplines to work together.

Apply for Small Grants Funding

The UCL Grand Challenges Small Grants Scheme supports this  core strategic objective, by supporting activities that bring together staff in different UCL departments and faculties. The scheme will provide up to £4,000 for cross-disciplinary activity that combines scholarly excellence in different fields with the aim of producing novel insights and impacts.

Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014

As you might expect for a celebration of the power of using ubiquitous, powerful, networked technology for science and inclusion, the Citizen CyberScience is being live-streamed, blogged and the hashtag #CCS14 filled the twittersphere with comment and pictures.

You can find out more here.

Citizen Cyberscience 2014


Research Summer School

Are you a research student at UCL? Then check out the UCL Grand Challenges Summer School at

If you are a research student at UCL, you should consider applying to attend the UCL Grand Challenges Summer School.

Interactive cross-disciplinary research map

Visualisation of cross-disciplinary research at UCL

Together with the UCL ISR (Institute for Sustainable Resources) and CASA we have produced an interactive map of researchers involved in sustainable cities.

Urban Pamphleteer #2

The second Publication in the Urban Pamphleteer series is now available

Regeneration Realities is the second publication in the Urban Pamphleteer series. You can find out more here.

Urban Infrastructure Film

UCL GCSC Urban Drainage from Charlotte Johnson on Vimeo.

A short film on London's main drainage. Starting with Bazalgette's construction of London's embankment and ending with green roofs in The City, this film explores how technical knowledge shapes our cities and creates habits of resource consumption that prove hard to break. The narrative is driven by interviews with three UCL academics who bring historical, engineering and anthropological insights to the study of urban infrastructure.

You can find more GCSC related audio and video in the Outcomes section.

Imagining the Future City: London 2062

London 2062 book out now

You can download a copy of Imagining the Future City: London 2062 in pdf or epub format.

UCL President and Provost inaugural Lunch Hour Lecture

Inaugural lecture from the new Provost and President of UCL, part of the UCL Lunch Hour Lecture Series. The Grand Challenges are covered at around 8:30, we are told that they have gained the university a "phenomenal reputation".

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