Graduate School Annual Poster Competition Winners – 2011/12

Medical Sciences and Population Health Sciences

Prasad Sawadkar, who was represented the Division of Surgery, has received the 2nd Prize in the annual poster competition this year.

Dr Dave Spratt, Chair of the judging committee commented in his announcement that, 'The quality was extremely high, although a clear winner and second were apparent.' 

Vivek Mudera has also been congratulated for his role in judging the 108 posters from the 10 Divisions. 

First Prize (£400)
  • Charlotte WARREN-GASH, Research Department of Infection and Population Health “Influenza infection and risk of acute myocardial infarction”
Second Prize (£200)
  • Prasad SAWADKAR, Division of Surgery and Interventional Science “Testing of a modified suture technique to accommodate a tissue engineered tendon in vivo”
4 Runner Up Prizes (£50 each)
  • David CARR, Institute for Women’s Health “Prenatal Ad.VEGF gene therapy – a promising new treatment for fetal growth restriction”
  • Sara HILLMAN, Institute for Women’s Health “An insulin resistant phenotype in men who father a pregnancy affected by Fetal Growth Restriction (FGR)”
  • Katherine ORDIDGE, Division of Medicine “Bifunctional iron oxide nanoparticles for MR imaging and hyperthermia therapy in cancer”
  • Kris GELLYNCK, Eastman Dental Institute “The engineering of cell-based bone-tendon-muscle constructs for management of craniofacial deformities”