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World leading research in orthopaedic imaging
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Co-directors: Professor Alister Hart | Mr Johann Henckel

Researcher: Dr Harry Hothi | Dr Shiraz Sabah

Advisory board: Mr John Skinner - Overview/Chair | Dr Muthukumar - Radiologist | Dr Michael Khoo - Radiologist | Michael Hirschmann - External


Advances in software, hardware and UK government policy have the potential to increase the use of teleradiology in medicine. This is particularly relevant for musculoskeletal problems which are highly dependent on imaging studies and represent a large number of healthcare episodes. However, expansion of types and improvements in imaging studies (CT Spect, dGemeric MRI of cartilage, Metal Artefact Reduction Sequence MRI, CT angiography…) require specialist knowledge from the orthopaedic surgeon and radiologist to determine which type of imaging is indicated and how to interpret the findings. Close collaboration with computer science, engineering and medical physics can substantially improve imaging quality and the fusion of different imaging types (eg superimposing 3D information onto metabolic bone information in the use of CT-SPECT imaging).

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We collaborate with the following groups:
  • Hollis Potter, HSS
Donald Mcrobbie, Imperial College
  • Yon Min Kwon, Mass General Hospital
  • Antti Eskelinen, COXA Finland
  • Michael Hirschmann, Switzerland
We offer the following solutions
  • Measurement of the 3D position of any metallic implant
  • Correlation between imaging and clinical findings
  • Application of teleradiology
  • Use of imaging in multi-disciplinary team meetings


Six presentations given at the Radiological Society of North America. All files are in Microsoft Powerpoint format (ppt/pptx).

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