Information For Patients

The following links may be useful for patients treated at UCL Hospitals, for conditions that the Laser Centre specialises in researching:

UCL Hospitals' information on PDT services

NHS information on oesophageal cancer

The NMLC's YouTube channel, with videos describing HALO treatment

Patient Information Leaflets

Download: General Information Leaflet [pdf/1.2MB]

Download: What is Barrett's Oesophagus? [pdf/345KB]

Download: Treatments for Barrett's Oesophagus [pdf/214KB]

Download: Current studies in Barrett's Oesophagus at the NMLC [pdf/306KB]

Videos from the Laser Centre

 Dr. Lovat explains about the Barrett's Support Network

 Dr. Lovat discusses the importance of treating Barrett's High Grade Dysplasia

Dr. Lovat explains how patients should look after themselves after HALO treatment

 A mini-lecture from UCL: Dr. Austwick describes how PDT can help patients