TARGIT Trials: Patient and Public Engagement

11th October 2017

October is breast cancer awareness month!

On Wednesday, the 11th of October the Surgical & Interventional Trials Unit (SITU) is hosting:

A day to remind interested parties of the TARGIT trials. TARGIT compares current radiotherapy methods in women with breast cancer to a novel method of delivering radiotherapy directly to the tumour bed in theatre while the patient is still anaesthetised and before the wound is closed. Come and find out what we have learnt so far, what we are doing now and what we are planning to do in the future.

Venue Lecture Theatre 3 - Royal Free Hospital, Rowland Hill St, Hampstead, London, NW3 2PF

Please use the ‘Rowland Hill Hospital Entrance’ via Roland Hill Street as it is easier to get to the lecture theatre from here rather than from the main hospital entrance

Running order of the day

Registration starts at 9:30h | Refreshments will be available from 9:00h

10:00h Welcome: Professor Jayant S Vaidya

10:02 The Golden Ibex of Santorini and the History of TARGIT: Professor Michael Baum

10.25 The TARGIT-A trial results & rationale for TARGIT-B trial: Professor Jayant S Vaidya

10.40 Patients’ perspectives: From the floor

11.15 A Radiotherapist perspective: Dr Shiroma D’Silva / Dr Julian Singer

11.30 NICE trials and tribulations: Professor Michael Douek & Ms Marcelle Bernstein

12:30 Lunch

14:00 The TARGIT Trials – Where we are (SITU’s perspective): Dr Norman Williams

14:25 A Surgeon’s Perspective – Mr Nathan Coombs

14:55 Data collection through Direct Patient contact: Ms Chris Brew-Graves

15:15 Website and patient forum: Ms Paula Taylor

15:25 Discussion & Closing Remarks – Professor Jayant Vaidya

15:45h Refreshments