Division of Surgery & Interventional Science


Division of Surgery & Interventional Science


Surgical & Interventional Trials Unit (SITU)

SITU Director: Professor Toby Richards

The unit specialises in providing infrastructure for running studies led by surgeons and interventionists within any anatomical site and has a long history of managing large scale multi-centre, multinational randomised controlled clinical trials in solid tumours, historically in breast cancer and now increasingly in prostate cancer. It works with all medical disciplines, imaging, materials and energy and industry to provide a multi-disciplinary platform with a broad range of expertise and trials, suitable for this century and preparing it for the next.

Strategy, Aims and Objectives

The Surgical & Interventional Trials Unit (SITU) formerly CTG is a world-class trials unit located in Bloomsbury Campus. Working in partnership with clinicians, statisticians, other trialists and lay people, it provides the expertise and infrastructure for the promotion and organisation of high quality, innovative, multi-centre, randomised clinical trials and research projects across NHS priority areas. In particular, SITU specialises in pragmatic phase III trials which are practice changing.

Being located within the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science, SITU mainly carries out surgeon-led trials, with an emphasis on breast cancer, urology and hepato-pancreato-biliary disease. Many of the staff are involved in education and training.

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Email (Enquiries):                     SITU.office@ucl.ac.uk

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Third floor

Charles Bell House

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