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Surgery and Interventional Science


Secretary of Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology visits the Stanmore Campus

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Dr Tom Carlson took part in the Royal Society Pairing Scheme 2016 and was paired with Jennifer Smookler, Secretary of Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology. The scheme brings policymakers and scientists together; giving an insight into each other’s worlds and helps them to understand how scientific evidence can be used in the policy-making process.

Division of Surgery & Interventional Science staff help close the Transplant and Life Exhibition

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The Transplant and Life Exhibition, at the Royal College of Surgeons Hunterian Museum, closed following an event featuring late night gallery viewing, lectures, DIY suturing and a games room. 

ESVS Spring Meeting

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The European Society for Vascular Surgery Spring Meeting was held in Leiden on 19-20 May. This year, the quality of the work was very high. UCL/ Royal Free was very well represented with 3 presenters competing for the best oral presentation:

Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc

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We will be holding an Open Day for prospective students for this course on Wednesday 7th June from 3:30 – 5:30pm. This will be held at our teaching facilities at the Institute of Sport, Exercise & Health (ISEH) at 170 Tottenham Court Road, WIT 7HA, in Seminar Rooms 1 & 2 (first floor).


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Surgeon’s virtual ‘scrub-in’ using new technology filmed by Sky

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A skin cancer operation in Watford, directed by a plastic surgeon 15 miles away at the Royal Free Hospital using augmented reality technology, appeared on the Sky show ‘Swipe’ earlier this month.

Upcoming PGT virtual open days

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Learn more about our research-led and student-centred programmes at our upcoming Virtual Open Day.

Our academic staff will be available online to answer all your questions about the application process, course content, research opportunities, financial support available and career destinations of UCL graduates.

The Virtual Open Day will take place on the 10th and 30th of May from 12-14:00pm (UK Time). 

The Division offers a wide range of master's programmes and each event will focus on specific programmes.

The 10th of May event will focus on the following programmes:
•    Performing Arts Medicine MSc
•    Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal Healthcare and Rehabilitation MSc
•    Sports Medicine, Exercise & Health MSc
•    Pain Management MSc

The 30th of May event will focus on the below programmes:
•    Musculoskeletal Science MSc
•    Nanotechnology & Regenerative Medicine MSc
•    Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technologies MSc
•    Burns, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery MSc
•    Evidence-Based Healthcare MSc

If you would like to attend the events please register online. You will be sent a web link to access the Virtual Open Day a day before the event. Please note that places are strictly limited and will be given on a first come first served basis.

Division Manager 

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A message from our Director - Professor Vivek Mudera

Dan Sinclair will be permanently leaving us to take up the role of Director of Operations at the UCL Institute of Education. I am sure you will join me in wishing him all the very best in his new role. I will personally miss his valuable advice and leadership in maintaining the high standards in our Division.

Divisional Academic Meeting

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HL Div Academic Meeting

The most recent Divisional Academic Meeting took place on Monday, 13th March, at the

Royal Free Campus. There were exciting talks from UCL speakers collaborating with colleagues within the Division: Dr William Peveler, Dept of Chemistry, presented on nanoparticle formulations for targeting disease systems; Dr Emad Moeendarbary, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, spoke about the biomechanics of cancer tissues; and Prof Seb Ourselin, Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering & Translational Imaging Group, presented his vision for The Wellcome/EPSRC Centre for Surgical and Interventional Sciences, which will be based at Charles Bell House and brings together Surgery and Engineering in an exciting collaboration of Healthcare Engineering innovations. The afternoon finished with a prize session which showcased four excellent short presentations from PhD students and postdocs from within the Division.  The judges awarded the prize to Dr Hayley Luxton for her talk entitled Modifying the cut and thrust of cancer cells – the influence of the oncogene LYRIC/AEG-1 on gene splicing”. 

Stopping biological time ; cryobiology, cryonics, and translation of low temperature science

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Many people will have been aware over the past few months that the topics of freezing human organs or bodies have been profiled in the media. This has been in part stimulated by a court case surrounding an individual family choice about permitting body cryopreservation, and more recently research indicating that by using nanotechnology, it may be possible to overcome one of the  ‘Achilles’ heels’ of organ cryopreservation, which has been the rewarming technology. 

NIHR-funded Clinical Translation Grant

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Congratulations to Dr Kate Ricketts, Prof Sandy Macrobert, Prof Marilena Loizidou and Dr Elnaz Yaghini, together with Prof Gary Royle (Medical Physics and Bioengineering) and Prof Ricky Sharma (Cancer Institute), for being awarded an NIHR-funded translational pathway incubation grant, under the Colorectal Therapies Healthcare Technology Cooperative. This will fund a network of academics, clinicians, industry, health economists, policy makers, patient groups and legal advisors to support accelerated, optimised and streamlined clinical translation of Division of Surgery research in nanoparticle-enhanced radiotherapy. Through this award the UCL team will benefit from access to regulatory and legal advice, and together with the Colorectal HTC, will produce a road map to commercialisation and clinical translation. The funding will enable key stakeholders to be brought together for acceleration of promising basic science into translation and adoption into clinical practice.

MRC-funded Knowledge and Exchange secondment

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Congratulations to Kate Ricketts and Reem Ahmad who have been awarded an MRC-funded Proximity to Discovery Award to enable Reem to be seconded for six months part-time at the National Physical Laboratory, the UK standards laboratory in Teddington. Reem will also spend time at the Joint Research Centre in Italy (European Commission) to work on the characterisation of nanomaterials for the development of regulatory guidelines. The industrial secondment will enable Reem to gain first-hand experience in working within a government run facility and knowledge of policy and standardisation involved in clinical translation. The secondment will enhance the ongoing collaborative research between Dr Ricketts’ team and NPL on the therapeutic enhancement of metallic nanoparticles in radiotherapy. This will form part of NPL’s centre for Metrology for Medical Physics (MEMPHYS) focussed on optimum and rapid clinical adoption of new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques close to implementation.

European Cancer Congress Organisation Conference

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Kiran Kaur

On the 28th and 29th of January 2017, I was given the opportunity to attend the

European Cancer Congress Organisation (ECCO) Conference in Amsterdam in order to present a poster entitled “Systematic Review: Is there any evidence for utilisation of Super-selective Intra-Arterial Chemoradiotherapy in External Auditory Canal (EAC) Tumours over Conventional Therapy?”. At this conference, I was also fortunate enough to be able to attend lectures given by leading cancer specialists from all over Europe, on a wide variety of topics. Some of the more interesting lectures include “The importance of strong leadership for retaining cancer nurses”, which highlighted how there is a shortage of cancer nurses in Europe, and more importantly, what I could do in a leadership position in order to better myself and strengthen my team. I even managed to attend a short workshop on “Communication in Oncology”, which I found to be extremely helpful for improving my soft skills for all my patients. 

RNOH / UCL Stanmore Open Day

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Stanmore open day april 2017

22nd April 2017 - 11:00-15:00

Following on from the success of our inaugural open day last year, RNOH / UCL

Nanotechnology & Regenerative Medicine MSc Open Day

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Friday 26th May: 14:00 - 16:00
9th Floor, Royal Free Hospital

Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery MSc Open Day

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Friday 12th May: 15:00 - 18:00
9th Floor, Royal Free Hospital

Rehab Week 2017

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Translation and Clinical Delivery 

17-20 July 2017

London, UK

Division staff hosts Department of Health, Singapore

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Singapore Dept Health

On the 10th February a delegation from the Ministry of Health, Health Regulation Group, Singapore  Government visited divisional staff from the UKCRC Tissue Directory and coordination Centre and Tissue access for patient benefit (TAPb).

Interim Division Manager appointed

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A message from our Division Director, Professor Vivek Mudera

I am delighted to announce we have appointed an Interim Division Manager whilst Dan Sinclair is on secondment at the IOE. 

Maintaining Surgical Professionalism - Professor Irving Taylor

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Achieving the highest standards of professionalism in medicine in general and  in surgery in particular is absolutely crucial. Surgeons have a responsibility to maintain patient trust as well as  public trust in all that they do.

£2m Innovate UK-MoST grant awarded to innovative UCL osteoarthritis treatment partnership in China

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An interdisciplinary UCL team, in collaboration with Oxford MEStar Ltd and Partners in China, has secured a £2m Innovate UK-MoST grant to develop novel osteochondral scaffold technology for early intervention of osteoarthritis.

Goal-directed fluid therapy for acute pancreatitis

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The NIHR has awarded £230K to fund a trial led by Prof Brian Davidson, which will look at the possibility of giving fluids using the portable GDFT machine for the first 48 hours to patients admitted with acute pancreatitis.

Dr Nikolitsa Nomikou awarded funding from the EPSRC First Grant scheme to develop a multistimulus-responsive formulation for the sonodynamic treatment of prostate cancer

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Sonodynamic therapy employs low-intensity ultrasound in combination with sensitising agents, such as porphyrins, for the site-specific ablation of cancerous lesions. One of the major advantages of sonodynamic therapy is that it does not require the administration of highly toxic agents and, therefore, it is not associated with adverse side effects. This approach has a vast potential to address the issues of multidrug resistance development and tumour heterogeneity that have rendered current treatments for advanced tumours inadequate.

The International Symposium on the Future of Rectal Cancer Surgery

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University College London (UCL) and University College London Hospital (UCLH) have established well-deserved reputations for excellence in academia and clinical skill. On December 9th 2016, following the culmination of over nearly 12 months’ preparation and industry funding of more than £100,000, co-Chairs Manish Chand and Richard Cohen (Consultant Colorectal Surgeons and Honorary Senior Lecturers) hosted a unique, innovative and ground-breaking event showcasing these attributes during The International Symposium on the Future of Rectal Cancer Surgery.

Divisional project changes national policy

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New national policy by The UK Ethics Committee Authority (UKECA) means that anyone applying to a Research Ethics Committee (REC) to collect and store human tissue samples as a research tissue bank will be expected to register on the UKCRC Tissue Directory as a condition of favourable opinion. Registration will also be a condition of the five-year renewal of the ethical opinion.

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