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  • Development of a new multi channel biodegradable conduit for nerve regeneration using nanocomposite polymer with biofunctionalised surfaces and stem cells
  • Assessment of self-endothelialisation potential of a novel heart valve made with a new nanocomposite, using endothelial progenitor stem cells isolated from human peripheral blood
  • Development of coronary artery stent with new generation of nanocomposite polymer with in-situ endothelisation.
  • Optimization of the design and assessment of hydrodynamic performance of a synthetic leaflet heart valve made with a novel nanocomposite material and an advanced complex design.
  • Differentiation of stem cells to chondrocytes for development of cartilage
  • Development filler for breast with nanomaterials and fat stem cells
  • Application of carbon nanotubes in cancer therapy
  • Lymphatic tissue engineering
  • Conjugation of quantum dots for localisation and treatment of cancer
  • Developmnet of Superparamagnetic and fluorescence nanoparticle to tracking and monitoring stem cells
  • Development of a backing layer for a Smart Matrix Synthetic Dermal Scaffold for full-thickness skin loss: Protein covalent coupling derivatisation of a polyurethane-silioxane nanostructured polymer
  • PEGylated Nanocarriers for Delivery of Fluorescent Drugs for Photodynamic Therapy and Photodiagnosis of Cancer
  • Small bowel tissue engineering
  • Nitric oxide releasing POSS-nanocomposite polymer for cardiovascular implants.
  • Generating ears from nanocomposite polymer, bioactive peptides and Autologous Auricular Chondrocytes
  • Development of new generation of dental filler using nanocrustal
  • Development of hypoxia pathway regulating scaffolds for wound healing
  • Development of pro-angiogenic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

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