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Surgery and Interventional Science

Pain Management MSc

This exciting programme enables students to improve the lives of people living with pain. Beginning with the socio-economic impact and moving from acute to chronic pain states before arriving at more complex pain conditions and interventions, this programme develops the knowledge and core skills required of an advanced pain practitioner. Delivered via an online learning environment, additional workshops and discussions support students on their journey towards making a real difference for people living with pain. With innovative modules on neuromodulation and pain in the community, students will be prepared to shape the future of pain management – anywhere in the world.

Why study this programme at UCL?

UCL is one of the world’s very best universities, consistently placed in the top 10 in world rankings. The UCLH Pain Management Centre is a clinical and research leader with expertise in headache, abdominopelvic pain, and neuromodulation. Online interactive learning material is supplemented by videos and online discussions in which students can participate from all over the world. Assessments aim to develop the clinical application of theoretical knowledge thus improving care for people living with pain. At the end of this programme students will be well-equipped to positively impact the lives of people living with pain.

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Programme Leads

  • Dr David Murphy
  • Dr Roman Cregg


Fees breakdown

  • £1,056.60 per module (15 credits per module)
  • £4,226.40 for PG Cert (60 credits)
  • £8,452.80 for PG Dip (120 credits)
  • £4,226.40 for Dissertation module (60 credits)
  • £12,680 for MSc
  • £1,975.80 per module (15 credits per module)
  • £7,903.30 for PG Cert (60 credits)
  • £15,806.40 for PG Dip (120 credits)
  • £23,710 for MSc

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