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UCL Requirements

Academic requirements

The way in which your time abroad is assessed academically will vary according to which department you are in and which study abroad option (university study, language assistantship or work placement) you have opted for.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand how your year abroad will be assessed and what is expected of you academically. You are expected to familiarise yourself with details of all work to be undertaken during your period abroad (work either set by your department at UCL, or undertaken at the institution(s) you are attending abroad), and to comply with all relevant deadlines and requirements relating to submission and assessment.

For information or advice about the academic requirements of your year abroad, please contact your Study Abroad Tutor.

Students from the School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS) may find it useful to consult the year abroad assessment pages on the SELCS website here.

Administrative requirements

During the course of your time abroad, you will be required to complete and return several forms and documents to the Study Abroad Team by specified deadlines. All study abroad forms are either available here and from the UCL Students Abroad Moodle course, or will be sent to you by email at the appropriate time. You can download a paperwork checklist to help you keep tabs on your submissions.

Many of these study abroad forms have a course-unit value (and hence failure to submit them to UCL by the stated deadline will result in failure of the relevant course-unit), or constitute a compulsory requirement for passing the year abroad. It is therefore important that you pay close attention to the paperwork requirements and deadlines of your year abroad.

The forms should always be scanned (or photographed at a good resolution) and returned by email where possible. If you do not have access to a scanner/camera, please return a photocopy via the post, and email us to advise that you have done so. You should always keep your signed original documents.

Students participating in the Erasmus programme will also have to submit additional paperwork relating to their Erasmus placement(s).

If in doubt, please contact the Study Abroad Team.

Representing UCL Overseas

UCL's exchange programmes work on a reciprocal basis, which means that we depend on attracting students from our partner institutions to UCL in order to be able to continue sending UCL students abroad in future.

We depend on our students who are abroad to act as good ambassadors for UCL, and to help us encourage students from their host institution(s) to study abroad at UCL. This could involve:

  • Participating in a study abroad or exchange fair at your host university.
  • Entering into contact with students at your host university who will be coming on exchange to UCL.
  • Assisting with UCL promotional activity in your host country. This could entail, for instance, accompanying a member of UCL staff to a higher education exhibition in your host city and speaking to prospective students about your experience of studying at UCL.
  • Generally behaving in a way which reflects positively both on you as an individual and on UCL as an institution.

Please email the Study Abroad Team if you have been asked to participate in any events by your host university. We can provide you with prospectuses, display materials and other UCL promotional material.

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