Contact the Global Student Assistance Programme

Free, confidential support is available anytime, any day, for a variety of professional or personal matters.

CALL FREE FROM THE UK: 0800 174 319

CALL FROM OUTSIDE OF THE UK: +44(0)1452 623 246 


To access self-help information on this service, please visit the Global Student Assistance Programme page to find the login details for the Care First website. 

London Nightline

Confidential listening, support and practical information for students in London


Telephone: 0207 631 0101


Returning to UCL

Accommodation for Returning Students

Application forms to enter the ballot for UCL accommodation will normally be available from the Student Residences Office during February.

The deadline for the receipt of applications is usually early March, with the allocation ballot taking place shortly after that.

Please note that very few places are available for returning students. For further information, please contact UCL Student Residences.

Selecting your Final Year Options

When contacted by your department, it is important that you respond as soon as possible to requests for information about your choice of final year options.

Course selection, like enrolment, will take place online via Portico and it is essential that you check your UCL email account on a regular basis for instructions, and that you observe published deadlines.

UCL Careers Service

By studying abroad it is likely that you have developed skills which will be very attractive to potential employers.

You are advised to consult the UCL Careers Service early in your final year, as for some careers it is around October that you should be submitting your job applications.

If you have not previously obtained advice on preparing your CV, make sure you do so now. If you already have a CV, update it to reflect your newly acquired skills and take it to the Careers Service for expert advice on how you might further hone and improve it.

Advising Future Study Abroad Students

Early to mid-way through the autumn term of your final year, many departments will organise meetings and information sessions for 2nd year students who will be studying abroad the following year. You will be invited to participate in such meetings and talk about your own experiences.

Your contribution to these meetings is highly valued, as there is no one better placed to relate first-hand experiences of the year abroad.

Study Abroad Fair

You may also be asked to help promote study abroad to 1st and 2nd year students at the annual UCL Study Abroad Fair, which is held in November.

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