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Student Finance

Student Finance

Remember that you will need to apply for student finance in the same way as normal in order to avoid delays in obtaining your funding at the start of the academic year. For more information and deadlines, please visit your funding authority website.

Returning to UCL

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Coming back from your year abroad can feel like re-entry from another planet. Although it will not affect everyone, you should be prepared for some reverse culture shock when you return home after your year abroad. Settling back into your old life may seem simple, comforting and lovely, but it can often be a big change from the excitement of your year abroad.

Take lessons from your time abroad – if you feel low, make sure to keep busy and share your feelings rather than dwelling on your emotions – there will be plenty of opportunities to return so make the most of the things you have missed and focus on the positive. If you do find yourself struggling to settle back in, seek advice from the UCL Support Pages or speak to the Study Abroad Team or your personal tutor for guidance.

If are feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of coming home, here are some things you should think about to help you get organised for your return. 

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