UCL Students Abroad

Study Abroad Documents & Forms

Deadlines and Key Session Dates

Pre-departure (Cohort 2014/15)

Event Date
Information sessions 15 & 17 October 2013
Study Abroad Fair
01 November 2013
Exchange Application Opens 01 November 2013
Pre-departure briefings
End of February & early March 2014
Deadline for completing preparation  programme Friday 25 April 2014
Document due
 Exchange Application Deadline  4pm on 29 November 2013
 Study Abroad Approval Form Deadline  4pm 29 November 2013
 Erasmus grant contracts and preparation paperwork due  4pm 31 July 2014

While you are abroad (Cohort 2013/14)

Document due
Confirmation of arrival
(for full year or 1st term)
15 November 2013
Confirmation of departure
(for split year or 1st term only)
24 February 2014
Confirmation of arrival
(for split year or 2nd term only)
30 April 2014
 Confirmation of departure
(for full year, split year and 2nd term only)
01 July 2014
 Learning Agreement
 Please forward any updated versions to the Study Abroad Team
 Training Agreement
31 October 2013
 Erasmus Grant Receipt (Instalment 1)
 15 November 2013
 Erasmus Grant Receipt (Instalment 2)
 End of July 2014

When you return (Cohort 2013/14)

Document due
UCL Study Abroad Questionnaire Term 1 - 24 February 2014
Term 2 - 01 July 2014
Erasmus Student Report Form - University/Work Placement
Term 1 - 24 February 2014
Term 2 - 01 July 2014


 UCL Study Abroad: How to Decide Guide

  • This booklet is designed for all undergraduate students who intend to spend, or are considering spending, some time abroad as part of their degree programme. The information is intended as a brief guide to get you thinking about your time away, and to direct you to further resources on this site.

UCL Study Abroad Handbook 2013-14

  • The Study Abroad Handbook contains invaluable information regarding your time away. Your Study Abroad Tutor will provide you with a printed version at the beginning of the summer term. You may also wish to download a copy to your phone or laptop for easy access while you are away.

UCL Study Abroad Handbook 2014-15

  • The Study Abroad Handbook contains invaluable information regarding your time away. Printed copies of the handbook were handed to students who attended the Pre-departure Essentials briefing. If you were not able to attend this, you should collect a handbook from the Student Centre as soon as possible so that you can take it away with you when you go abroad.

Erasmus Grant FAQ (2013/14 Year Abroad Cohort)

  • A fact sheet about Erasmus funding - for students who will be participating in the Erasmus programme.

While you are abroad

Confirmation of Arrival / Departure Form

  • A Confirmation of Arrival form is to be completed by all students upon arrival at their host institution abroad. These are to be signed and stamped by your university or employer. A Confirmation of Departure form must also be completed at the end of the placement.
  • The Confirmation of Arrival / Departure forms can also be found at the back of the Study Abroad Student Handbook.

Erasmus Learning Agreement

  • Learning Agreements are to be completed by all students participating in an Erasmus university exchange.
  • A Learning Agreement must be completed at the start of each term, and signed and stamped by both UCL and your host university.

Erasmus Training Agreement

  • Training Agreements are to be completed by all students undertaking an Erasmus language assistantship.
  • A Training Agreement must be completed at the start of the assistantship, and signed and stamped by both UCL and your host institution.

Erasmus Grant Receipt

  • A grant receipt form is to be completed by all Erasmus students in acknowledgement of the receipt of their Erasmus grant.
  • Since the forms are specific to the individual a generic form is unavailable for download. Your grant receipt forms will be sent to you by email at the appropriate time by the Study Abroad Team.

When you return

UCL Study Abroad Questionnaire

  • This online questionnaire must be completed by all students who spend part or all of the year abroad. 
  • An email will be sent to your UCL email account once you have submitted the form. You are advised to keep this email as confirmation that you have done so.

Erasmus Student Report Form

Students who have completed a period abroad under the Erasmus programme will be asked to complete a report form giving feedback on their placement abroad. This report form will be sent directly to you via an email from the British Council towards the end of your placement abroad. All students undertaking an Erasmus placement will be required to submit this form.

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