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Online Peer Advisers Scheme

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Got a burning question about life abroad just can't seem to find the answer on the website? Our Online Peer Advisers are here to help! Just send us an email with details of the university you're hoping to go to and we'll put you in touch with a UCL student who is there right now. 

Emotional and personal wellbeing

Undertaking a year abroad is a significant upheaval for most students. The stress of moving abroad, away from friends and family (sometimes for the second time in a short period) can be more difficult for some people than others. As well as the emotional impact, for some of you there may be health implications brought by moving away.

Before deciding to go abroad, it is important to ask yourself frankly whether you feel comfortable with all aspects of the year abroad. Reading through the pages and resources here will help you to understand your support options and highlight some of the most important issues surrounding wellbeing abroad.

Culture shock

One of the biggest hurdles for many students on their year abroad is the emotional reaction caused by their unfamiliar new surroundings. This is usually termed Culture Shock by the experts and it is experienced by the majority of the students who we send away.

Existing mental health issues


Health issues

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