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Your Arrival Checklist

  • Touch base with home
  • Arrange accommodation
  • Update your address on Portico
  • Email us your Confirmation of Arrival
  • Attend induction sessions
  • Submit Erasmus paperwork
  • Open a bank account/sort your finances
  • Look out for signs of culture shock
  • Explore your new home!

Your arrival


You've done all your preparation, packed all of your bags and finally boarded your flight. Here's where all the fun starts!

As well as spending a few days exploring and finding somewhere to live, you will have a couple of jobs to do when you arrive, including getting your paperwork sorted and organising your finances.

Have a read through these pages which go through some of the things you should expect when you arrive. 

Helen's Year Abroad Blog

In 2011-12, UCL student Helen Swire went abroad to France and Russia on her year abroad. While she was there, she wrote a blog called 'A survivor's guide to...' which aims to provide future year-abroaders with some insights about the adventure were about to embark on. You can read about her adventures on the blog via her Blogger page. We recommend you start off with this post:How to save your money (but not the rainforests)

Study Abroad Team Top Tip!

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by your arrival, perhaps jet-lagged or a bit homesick, try taking yourself off for a walk - find your nearest shop for essentials, wave at your neighbors, get a coffee - it's important to try and stay busy if you're feeling a bit low.

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