Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the Student Mediator do?

The UCL Student Mediator is responsible for advising and assisting UCL students with the resolution of complaints, involving staff or other students or services of UCL which the student has been unable to resolve through informal means.

The Student Mediator will seek to achieve a resolution between the parties in dispute. The Student Mediator will not direct decision-making but will enable both parties to put forward their views and will facilitate a mutually agreed solution.

In what circumstances is mediation useful?

There are plenty of situations in which a student at UCL may find mediation useful. Various life and academic experiences can cause conflicts between students, staff and the University. Many issues and misunderstandings can often be quickly and confidentially resolved via mediation, without a need for the process to become ‘formal’. Although not for everybody or suitable and for all types of complaints, mediation can help to resolve many types of disputes.

The following are examples of the kinds of situations in which you may wish to contact the Student Mediator:

• You feel that UCL processes or systems have failed in your case or been unfairly applied,

• There is a personality clash between you and a tutor or academic supervisor,

• You have fallen into a dispute with friends or classmates,

• You have fallen into a dispute with a UCL employee,

• You find yourself in a difficult working environment,

• You feel that you are unable to communicate your problems to anyone,

• You believe yourself to be the victim of bullying and/or harassment.

You may also approach the Student Mediator for general advice in terms of how to pursue a complaint, or to discuss whether or not mediation is right for you.

What if I feel that mediation isn’t suitable for me?

If you feel mediation is not appropriate for you and your situation, the Mediator can still give impartial advice on how to proceed with a formal complaint.

Formal processes for students include the Centralised Complaints Procedure, the Grievance Procedure, and the Harassment and Bullying Procedure.

Who is the Student Mediator?

The Student Mediator is Dr Ruth Siddall.

How do I contact the Student Mediator?

Generally the first point of contact will be Noel Caliste, PA to the Student Mediator.

Noel can be e-mailed via and can arrange appointments or forward messages.

Alternatively, you can call the Student Mediator on 0207 679 2758 (internal 32758).

The office is open from 9.30am-5.30pm.