UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


Taking courses in other departments

Places on courses in other departments are subject to space and eligibility.  Unless otherwise specified, to reserve a space or discuss a specific module’s requirements, you must contact the departmental administrator (by email or in person) in the relevant department and request a place.  If you do not do this, you may be rejected from the course if it is full or not appropriate.

Listings for relevant MSc modules run by other departments 2014-15

Links to courses from other departments which are relevant to our degrees are listed below, but you can search other departments' website to find courses not listed which may interest you.

Please note:

  • Not all modules will be available to you and entry may be dependent on your previous experience/qualification.
  • These links are to externally managed lists so we cannot guarantee that all modules listed here will be running and/or available to STS MSc students in every year
  • You should discuss any possible elective modules with your personal tutor before registering

Anthropology Department

Geography Department

UCL Energy Institute

History Department

School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies (students will need to check with the department which modules are available to external students)

Philosophy Department

Centre for Philosophy, Justice and Health

Department of Political Science