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2012-13 Module Catalogue

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The module catalogue for HPSC modules that will be offered by the UCL Science & Technology Studies in 2012-13 is now available.

New STS postcards

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STS has a new series of postcards in circulation for 2012-13. Want a batch? Let us know: sts@ucl.ac.uk

Women in Maths History

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STS Honorary Fellow donates collection

'The Philippa Fawcett Collection focuses on the lives and work of female mathematicians. From Hypatia through to Emmy Noether, the collection charts the significant contributions to mathematics made by women throughout the ages. In addition, there are books which examine the role of women in other related disciplines, such as astronomy and physics. The collection also includes a pamphlet by Philippa Fawcett herself which was published by the League of Nations in 1938. Among the more recent works is Caroline Series' co-authored book with David Mumford and David Wright, lndra's Pearls: The Vision of Felix Klein.

Eye, See, You

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Vestigial organ - legs on whales

How well do you know your insides? Ever wondered why you have an appendix or how your ears work out the source of a sound?

Farewell Dr Massimi

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STS bids farewell to Dr Michela Massimi, who is leaving us for a position at University of Edinburgh. Dr Massimi arrived in the department in 2005 and has built a significant profile for herself in the philosophy of physics and the study of Kant. 

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