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PhD Conference Review. September - January.

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By Oliver Marsh.

BSA STS Conference – ‘Working together? STS, collaboration and (multi)disciplinarity’

8th London Ancient Science Conference

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 The 8th London Ancient Science Conference, sponsored by STS, took place on 17th and 18th February. There were 25 papers with scholars coming from France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Canada and the USA. Dr. Andrew Gregory (STS) poke on Anaximander: Astronomy and Cosmology and Hugh McKenzie spoke on Plato. The conference was concluded with a reception and a launch for Dr. Gregory’s The Presocratics and the Supernatural. The conference was sponsored by grants from STS, The Institute of Classical Studies and the BSHS. The 9th London Ancient Science Conference will take place on 16th and 17th February 2015 with sponsorship from STS and The Institute of Classical Studies.

Vacancy: Lecturer in Science & Technology Studies

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UCL's Department of Science and Technology Studies seeks to appoint a full time Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies.
The closing date for applications is Wednesday 5th March 2014. It is hoped the successful candidate will join us from September 1st 2014.

STS Prof Hits 4 Million

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STS Professor Donald Gillies (Professor Emeritus in Philosophy of Science) is a clever academic. He's also a lucky one. This week, he's been told one of his research papers was the 4 millionth download from UCL's open access system, UCL Discovery. His much-sought-after publication:

8th London Ancient Science Conference

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The 8th London Ancient Science Conference, organised and sponsored by the Department, will take place on Monday 17th and Tuesdays 18th February. There will be papers on a wide range of topics relating to science in the ancient world. There is a website for the conference at:  http://www.ucl.ac.uk/silva/sts/staff/gregory/lasc with a full programme and abstracts for the papers. The conference will take place at G37 Senate House starting at 10 both days. There is no conference fee and no need to register beforehand. Sponsors: STS@UCL, Institute of Classical Studies, BSHS.

Vacancy: Lecturer in Science Communication

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UCL's Department of Science and Technology Studies seeks to appoint a full time Lecturer in Science Communication.

PhD Studentship: Making the Oceans Visible

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Science and Technology on the Challenger Expedition (1872-1876)

Following the award of an AHRC collaborative doctoral studentship to Dr. Simon Werrett (UCL) and Dr Heloise Finch-Boyer (National Maritime Museum) for “Making the Oceans Visible: Science and Technology on the Challenger Expedition (1872-1876)” a 3-year fully funded AHRC studentship at UCL is available. The successful candidate will be expected to carry out research for a doctorate in the Department of Science and Technology Studies, supervised by Dr Simon Werrett (STS) and Dr Heloise Finch-Boyer (NMM). The student will undertake research at the National Maritime Museum and other London museums and archives.

STS Prof in award-winning book

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Cain 2013 Cambridge Encyclopedia of Darwin and Evolution

Professor Joe Cain (@profjoecain) has had news that the 2013 volume, Cambridge History of Darwin and Evolutionary Thought (publisher), in which his essay on "Synthesis Period in Evolution" appears, has won the 2013 PROSE award (single-volume humanities/social science reference work, link). 

UCL Donors help fund a forgotten treatment for TB

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Dr Friedrich Weleminsky

UCL donors John and Ann – Margaret Walton have made possible research to progress the understanding of tuberculomucin, a potential alternative treatment for TB that was invented before the Second World War.

The research taking place at the UCL Divisions of Infection and Immunity, and Medicine along with the UCL Department of Science & Technology Studies aims to explore the mode of action of tuberculomucin to assess its viability as an alternative treatment for TB. Dr Friedrich Weleminsky (pictured) developed it as a possible cure for TB in the early 20th Century. Historians and scientists will work together to understand the history of tuberculomucin as a TB treatment in the pre-antibiotic period and its possible application today.

Our research so far indicates that tuberculomucin had potential, but the start of the Second World War and discovery of antibiotics meant that the treatment was “lost”. In 2011, UCL was approached by Dr Weleminsky’s granddaughter, Dr Charlotte Jones, a retired GP who described her grandfather's treatment for TB. Today, certain strains of TB are now becoming resistant to the antibiotics we use to treat them, and alternative approaches need to be found urgently.

The generous gift from the Waltons will continue driving this project forward to identify new ways of treating TB, which after HIV/AIDS is the second largest single infectious agent in the world, affecting nearly 9 million people per year and killing more than 1 million.

‘Tuberculomucin – a forgotten treatment – may give us a powerful new method of combatting this ancient but continually burdensome disease which has always claimed more lives amongst the young and economically active than any other age group’ Dr Carole Reeves, UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies.

Using the information provided by Dr Charlotte Jones, the expertise of UCL academics and a very generous donation from John and Ann – Margaret Walton, UCL can now progress research into tuberculomucin and give TB patients hope for the future.

Image: Dr Friedrich Weleminsky courtesy of Dr Charlotte Jones.

New Paper: The Science of Destruction:

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Terrorism and Technology in the Nineteenth Century, by Simon Werrett

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