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Sleepwalking in Middle Ages

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This week, STS historian Dr William MacLehose publishes a study on how Medieval thinkers understood the medical phenomenon of sleepwalking. Why did people do it? What did it mean? 

New book: Presocratics and the Supernatural

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Dr Andrew Gregory's new book has been published: 

The Presocratics and the Supernatural: Magic, Philosophy and Science in Early Greece

STS Research behind EPSRC Statement

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Following a piece of research conducted by Jack Stilgoe and colleagues, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has just published a statement outlining their 'framework for responsible innovation'. http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/research/framework/Pages/framework.aspx. The statement says that 'innovation can raise questions and dilemmas, is often ambiguous in terms of purposes and motivations and unpredictable in terms of impacts, beneficial or otherwise".

STS Summer Internships

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STS ran a very successful internship programme over the summer. A number of our undergraduate students were successful in applying for the internships. The students have written some personal reports about their summer experiences taking part in the STS internship scheme.  We are hoping to run a similar programme in 2013/2014 and details will be available shortly. If you think you might be interested keep an eye on the careers webpage!

Responsible Innovation Article

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Jack Stilgoe has a comment article in Research Fortnight, discussing the idea of 'responsible innovation'. He argues that 'Responsible innovation is not about slowing down innovation or rejecting ideas or technologies. It is about asking scientists and other innovators to imagine, in conversation with society, different possibilities'. The article is open access, available here… 

"quite simply the best"

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STS scores massively well on the 2013 NSS student survey. In reply to every question, STS scores, on average, nearly 13% above UCL-wide results.

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