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PhD programmes

This page provides admissions information for our MPhil-PhD programmes.

Deadlines for applications to start in September 2018:

STS MPhil-PhD programmes

STS operates two MPhil-PhD programmes. Student enter their programme of postgraduate research as an MPhil candidate. Normally after one year, the are offered the opportunity to progress to PhD students upon completion of a satisfactory review. The degrees conferred through our programme are:

  • PhD in History and Philosophy of Science
  • PhD in Science and Technology Studies

Those interested in research preparation should consider our taught Masters (MSc) programmes.

All STS postgraduate degrees can be undertaken on a part-time (50%) basis. Tuition fees for part-time students are pro-rata of the full-time fees. Details of attendance and supervision should be discussed with our admissions tutors at the time of application.

For MPhil-PhD, previous preparation at the level of a taught Master’s degree is expected. Non-native speakers of English will be required to present formal evidence of English language proficiency; further information can be found on the UCL Graduate Student page.

Application process and deadlines

All MPhil/PhD admissions decisions are made by the Departmental Graduate Committee, chaired by the departmental Graduate Tutor (Dr Tiago Mata). Please note that a key component in the admission decision is the research proposal submitted with the application form. Since the MPhil/PhD is a research-only degree, we expect candidates to have a fairly well defined research proposal at the time of the application, and we strongly encourage candidates to contact potential supervisors in advance of submission to discuss their proposal.

You must apply via the UCL online application.

Please select the Department of Science and Technology Studies as your home department in the application. In order to be considered as a prospective PhD candidate, and in addition to the documentation formally required by UCL (degree certificates, two letters of reference etc.) you will need to submit the following:

1. A research proposal. This should be uploaded as a separate attachment to your application. The proposal is an outline of the research you intend to carry out for your PhD. It should be no more than five pages long (plus a bibliography), and should contain a precise contextualisation in the literature, an original research question and an outline of the methodology you will use in your research (or for purely philosophical projects a clear justification of the research question).

2. Please make sure you complete the personal statement section on the electronic application. We require a brief statement on how your research fits within the department, and a rationale for why STS is the best home for your project.

Candidates are also welcome to submit samples of their written work in conjunction with their research proposal. This should be either an essay or a dissertation chapter. Please do not send us an entire dissertation, as we will not be able to read it in full and will therefore not consider it as part of your application.

STS operates a simplified system for admissions with two deadlines:

Applicants wishing to apply for either UCL's ORS and GRS funding, or for Research Council funding, should apply by 3 January 2018.

All applications received by this date will be considered and a decision made within 2 weeks.
Note that applications received prior to this date will not have a decision made until this time.

Final deadline for 2018/19 applications, entering September 2018, is 1 May 2018.
All applications received after 3 January will be processed in May.

PhD students from other institutions interested in visiting STS UCL

STS welcomes PhD students from other universities for a period of study of 3-12 months under the supervision of a member of staff whose research interests overlap with the student's research project. Enrol as an independent Visiting Research Student. The application form is the same as for PhD applicants; fees are charged pro rata.

Further information 

For PhD enquiries, contact us directly: t.mata@ucl.ac.uk