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NSS2014 - STS scores 100 percent (again)

13 August 2014



STS scores well above average

Results for the National Student Survey 2014 are announced this week. For the second year in a row, students have voted STS 100% in overall satisfaction. This is a welcome evaluation of our academic programme and a comment on our department's support system, which combines intellectual growth and mentoring. 

"This is a result we are extremely proud about," beamed Professor Joe Cain, STS Head of Department. "It's comes from the whole community - that includes our academics, administrators, PhD students, and everyone else. This past year we celebrated 20 years of our BSc degrees and the launch of two new Masters programmes. STS is buzzing like never before." 

STS results are top of the MAPS Faculty. Our overall average places us in the top 10 units (8th) of all 46 UCL units in the survey. Only three other UCL units received 100% overall satisfaction results, too. The general results are clear: UCL provides excellent learning and teaching overall, and STS is in the leading pack.

Find our more about about degrees: BSc and taught MSc (link).

Summary data

STS Faculty UCL Category (averages)
100 88  86  Overall satisfaction 
90 84 86 Teaching
74 61 62 Assessment and feedback
90 79 77 Academic support
82 79 80 Organisation and management
74 81 83 Learning resources
87 76 79 Personal development
93 79 74 Response rate

(Results from 2014 National Student Survey. Published 12 August 2014)

Drilling into the data

We examine the results closely, and we work on the weak spots. This year, we're investigating comments about learning resources. Initial discussions suggest this relates to things out of our direct control: classrooms, library facilities, and hang-out spaces outside the department. 

Students love the STS common room. They enjoy our free tea and coffee. Over 2013-14, we undertook a curriculum review and modernisation. This year, we'll be reviewing our assessment. We want to ensure it's relevant, it develops key career skills, and its supported by excellent teaching.

UCL's news story on NSS2014 commends STS, and provides links to the full data (link).

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