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STS PhD students publish

21 August 2013

STS PhD students publish scholarly work in history and philosophy of science.

August 2013 sees publication of papers from the 2011 conference, The Harmony of the Sphere: Kant and Herschel on the Universe and the Astronomical Phenomena. The conference featured a unique musical programme (link).

Included in the conference volume are papers from PhD students in the department:

  • Jonathan Everett, "Kant, Metaphysics and Forces: How Newtonian is Kant's Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science?"
  • Hsiang-Fu Huang, "Theatres, Toys, and Teaching Aids: Astronomy Lecturing and Orreries in the Herschels' Time"

Silvia De Bianchi, an STS Affiliate Academic 2010-2011, edited the volume. She also has a paper in the book:

  • Silvia De Bianchi, "The Evolution of the Sphere: Kant's Conception of Matter and the Expanding Universe"

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Book details

Silvia De Bianchi. 2013. The Harmony of the Sphere (publisher). ISBN13: 978-1-4438-4844-2. ISBN10: 1-4438-4844-1.