UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


MAPS students praise STS teaching

3 March 2013

Above average teaching

UCL Natural Sciences programme has released data from Term 1 teaching in modules taken by first year students. STS scores above average, largely due to the efforts of Dr Simon Lock and Dr Brendan Clarke. Well done. 

Year 1 student feedback in 2012-13 STS NatSci overall
Help and general availability of staff in the individual departments toward Natural Sciences students 3.8 3.6
The academic tutorial/workshop/problem class provisions 3.7 3.5
The programme is intellectually stimulating 4.2 4.0
Staff have made the subjects interesting 4.0 3.6

Data from a 2012-13 survey of Natural Sciences students. Top score is 5 for each category; a score of 3 is good; a score of 4 is very good; a score of 5 is outstanding.