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New Careers Podcast!

13 December 2012

As advertising for a certain world famous drinks company says "Holidays are Coming"...and students know that means questions from your family about your student life. And the dreaded question "What are you going to do with a degree in that?"

Fortunately STS and UCL have plenty of information to help you with planning what you're going to do after graduation. So get prepared for the parental/grandparental inquisition by taking a look at our careers website

If your ambitions are turning twoards an academic career we have the perfect pre-Christmas listening for you. So grab a mince pie, sit back, and listen to History & Philosophy of Science Careers Officer Dr Emma Tobin chatting with Dr Sabina Leonelli (BSc History Philosphy & Social Studies of Science) about her path to becoming a Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter. (Yes, we know...Wow!)

Alumni! Celebrate 20 years of STS in 2013

We've been running our unique degree programmes since 1993 - and in October 2013 we'll be celebrating. Visit the reunion website for more information and to sign up to our alumni mailing list. 

If you're interested in telling current students about your real, patchy unorthodox (or completely straightforward) career path after graduation in a podcast like this one - simply send an e-mailing sts-aa [at] ucl.ac.uk.