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Higg's Boson Podcast!

23 October 2012

The Discovery of the Higg's Boson with Jon Butterworth

The third episode of the "Thinking About Science" Podcast series is now available on the STS Website: at http://tinyurl.com/chyd325

The recent discovery of the Higg's Boson might be described as a massive coup for the Standard Model in Particle Physics. Prof Jon Butterworth (UCL, Physics and Astronomy) discusses his involvement in the Atlas project at Cern with Emma Tobin at STS and what it means for physics and scientific knowledge more generally. The discussion focuses on the nature of scientific discovery and evidence and on what has actually been discovered on July 4th 2012. The theory-ladenness of observation and the use of visualisation and simulation techniques on the Atlas Project are also discussed. These more philosophical topics are discussed in relation to the largest scale scientific experiment that mankind has seen at Cern. If you want to know why Jon Butterworth is a structural realist or why he claims that the Higg's boson does not face the same problems as the atom did in its day, here's your chance to find out why!

Coming up in November:  Interview with Dr Nick Lane on the evolution of Biological Complexity.