UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


Representation Workshop makes an impact!

22 June 2012

Photo: Mountains (artwork), Liz Haines

"An ebullient workshop" - this is how prof. Lorraine Daston described the intellectual atmosphere at the latest STS event. "Representation in Action", a workshop organized by Chiara Ambrosio, took place on Tuesday 19 June and featured Prof. Daston as a keynote speaker.

Revolving around the theme of representations across art and science, the workshop gathered an international line-up of experts, including Mauricio Suarez (Madrid), Annamaria Carusi (Copenhagen), Antony Hudek (UCL) and Kelley Wilder (Leicester)

The workshop was attended by a truly interdisciplinary audience, which included top academics as well as professionals and members of the public. And judging from the feedback, the theme of "representation in action" really had an impact on all of them. A member of the public who attended the conference wrote us: "Thank you so much for yesterday's workshop. It was both illuminating and thoroughly enjoyable. It was very exciting to find myself in the company of such knowledgeable, enthusiastic thinkers and communicators and the whole day will live in my memory as highlight for a very long time to come".

Photo: Mountains by Liz Haines