UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


Great results for STS students

9 June 2012

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Congratulations to our graduating students!

In early June, the STS Board of Examiners completed its deliberations for the 2011-12 session. Our provision results for the finalists:

  • 57% proposed for first class degrees
  • 43% proposed for upper second class degrees

This is a fantastic result. We're proud of everyone. Some of the dissertations struck everyone as suitable for publication.

What the experts say

About the programmes, our external examiners told us:

  • "remarkable"
  • "extraordinary"
  • "innovative"
  • "the feedback the students get is excellent"
  • "particularly impressed by the pedagogy"
  • "When you put it all together, there really is nothing like it"

Another record-breaking year

STS has had a busy year; we continue to grow. We broke records last year in our teaching statistics. This year, it's another record. 

  • 888 student enrollments
  • 34 modules, 5 of which are new
  • 2383 pieces of assessment marked

All this done by a staff of only 12 tutors and 3 administrators.  

Next year, we're aiming higher. We'll have new staff, new modules, and improvements throughout the department. We're evening going to get a bit of painting done in the department.