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22 May 2012

Student enterprise awards: UCL Advances Bright Ideas 2012

Students amaze us all the time. 

This time, it's an award winning website 

HelpYouApply. Anish Vinayak, 2nd year BSc History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science. £5,000. UCL Advances Bright Ideas 2012. Student category.

This website helps students fill in the applications for internships, year placements and graduate schemes. (link)

As told by the Provost, "These Awards are one of a kind – UCL is the only university in the UK to celebrate enterprise on campus, and the entrepreneurialism of our staff, students and graduates in such a high-profile manner. These Bright Ideas Awards, first established in 2008, are designed to support the development of new businesses emerging from UCL." 

The successful applicants had to supply a full business plan for their idea, including specific details of how the Bright Ideas funds would be used to finance the business development. Winners were chosen because it was felt they would benefit most from the money in terms of expanding their businesses.