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STS wins award for engagement

25 January 2012

STS students and staff at Dana Centre event 2011

Three cheers for STS!

At UCL’s 2012 Provost's Awards for Public Engagement, Dr Joe Cain was awarded the Public Engagement Unit's award for the head of department "who has shown the strongest commitment to culture change in their area of responsibility with respect to public engagement."

“I’m just the tip of an iceberg in STS,” Joe said. “This award celebrates the whole department. From Bright Club performances to Film Nights, from television appearances to smartphone apps and talks for U3A groups, STS academics are out in the world working with people to explore big ideas. We love doing it. We’ve done it for a long time. We’re going to do a whole lot more.” Joe stressed the importance of his predecessor, Professor Steve Miller, for developing the culture of engagement within the department. He also thanked the STS admin team. “Without them, we’d be dead in the water.”

(award announcement)

UCL is a national Beacon of Public Engagement (link) with exceptional projects under way across the entire university.

In 2010 the Provost commended Joe for his own engagement work, especially his work during Darwin centennial celebrations (link).

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Photos by Laura Cinti