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STS launches new medical modules

23 July 2011

skull model

STS plans to offer two new modules for medical students as part of their programme in Student Selected Components (SSCs). 

  • Medicine and Visual Culture (Ambrosio)
  • Origins of Western Medicine (MacLehose)

(link for details)

We've created these modules to make good use of our diverse field. The aim is to encourage creativity, wider thinking, and reflection. These modules are designed for active learning and cv-building.

These will be available in the 2011-12 session.

These also are intended to introduce students to the type of modules available in our Year 3 intercalated programme in Philosophy, Medicine and Society (link).

What are SSCs?

SSCs were defined by the General Medical Council (Tomorrow’s Doctors) as:

“...that part of the course which goes beyond the limits of the core, that allows students to study in depth in areas of particular interest to them, that provides them with insights into scientific method and the discipline of research and that engenders an approach to medicine that is constantly questioning and self-critical”.

What's in the future?

STS is putting a great deal of new energy into our intercalated degree and the supporting SSCs. Keep an eye on us. STS is going places.