UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


STS IBSc Student Wins Prestigious H.A.B Simons Prize!

7 December 2010

Congratulations to Adam Holland (IBSc Philosophy, Medicine & Society, 2009-10) who has won the H.A.B. Simons Prize, awarded by the UCL Medical School, for his IBSc research project, “The Benefits of Pluralism: A Perspectival Articulation”.

Adam’s project combined a thorough study of Paul Feyerabend’s and Ronald Giere’s views on scientific pluralism with continental philosophy, with a particular focus on Friedrich Nietszche’ perspectivalism. The originality of Adam’s line of inquiry, and his balanced articulation of pluralism, fill an important gap in “mainstream” philosophy of science. We are looking forward to seeing this dissertation turn into an article in a philosophy journal soon!

The H.A.B. Simons prize-winner is selected by the Dean on the basis of the project report from a shortlist of IBSc projects drawn up by the College Board.

Adam’s project was supervised by Dr. Chiara Ambrosio, Teaching Fellow in Philosophy of Science at the Department of Science and Technology Studies.

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