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STS launches 'Sociology and Politics of Science' undergraduate degree starting 2019-20

13 April 2018

The London Higher Education Exhibition run by UCAS is STS's launchpad for announcing our new undergraduate degree, Sociology and Politics of Science BSc, which will admit students from the 2019-20 academic year.

Think Brilliant Thoughts - Sociology and Politics of Science STS UCL undergraduate degree

About the New Degree

Modern science is shaped by many forces: political, social, economic, demographic, etc. Communication shapes how people understand issues, and engagement transforms how people respond to science’s authority. This degree develops skills in science policy, science communication, and sociology. It aims to understand the human side of science. It’s for those hoping to empower people to better guide science and improve its value for humanity. 

This degree is a modernisation of our previous degree, Science and Society BSc, intended to make use of STS's growing expertise in the areas of science policy, responsible research and innovation, and science and government (including ethics and research integrity). STS academic staff in this area have a wide range of expertise in natural sciences, technology, biological sciences, and medical sciences. We study the communication and public engagement of policy. We also use research methods from sociology and sociology of science to better understand the politics of science operates.

A Flexible Strategy for Careers

Many people select degrees from UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies simply to stretch their minds. Meanwhile, they train for future analytical and reflective work in the knowledge economy. Alumni have varying careers in museums, journalism, civil service, and science policy. Others have research and analysis jobs in business, law, and finance. 

Our students build customized programmes in consultation with personal tutors and careers tutors. 

Careers resulting from our degree programmes are discussed on our Careers with STS degrees page and in our STS careers podcasting.

Key Entry Requirements

  • A Levels: AAB, no specific subjects required.
  • IB Diploma: 36 points, with 17 points in three higher level subjects, with no score lower than 5.
  • GCSE: English Language and 
  • Mathematics at grade C or 5. 
  • UCL’s standard language requirement applies.


Applications for this new programme will be accepted for the 2019-20 year. Sadly, it is not available for admission in 2018-19. 

For those interested in studying at STS from 2018-19, our degrees, Science and Society BSc and History and Philosophy of Science BSc, are available. 

Contact the STS Admissions team for more information <sts-admissions AT ucl.ac.uk>