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STS Module Fair 2017

22 November 2017

Joe Cain gives his talk on Evolution

Due to changes in UCL regulations, students will now have to finalise their module choices by Wednesday December 6th. This means that students will no longer be able to change their term 2 module choices once they begin.

Crowd picture

The department decided it was of the utmost importance to make sure that students had all the information they might need to make these choices, and so the first ever STS Module Fair was held on Wednesday 15th November. The aim of the fair was to allow students from all of UCL to find out more about the choices available through STS modules.

Tutors discuss their modules

After each 5-minute presentation, tutors were available to answer questions from interested parties. Several questions were asked, and a considerable number stayed on to ask questions after the presentations had taken place. Plans are already afoot to increase the size of the module fair next year, and possibly to run it earlier in the year to include term 1 modules. For a first attempt, the fair was considered a success!

For those who missed the fair, video recordings are now available. The presentations are split into BSc-level and MSc-level, and can be found at the STS Youtube channel, or embedded below. If you'd like to skip straight to a particular module, click the links in the information below the video on the youtube page.

STS BSc-level modules

STS MSc-level modules