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Publication: Simon Werrett - 'Compound Histories'

10 November 2017

STS's Simon Werrett is co-editor of a new book entitled 'Compound Histories: Materials, Governance and Production, 1760-1840', alongside Lissa Roberts from the University of Twente.

Simon Werrett - Compound Histories

Released next month, Compound Histories offers a new view of the period during which Europe took on its modern character and globally dominant position. By exploring the intertwined realms of production, governance and materials, it places chemists and chemistry at the centre of processes most closely identified with the construction of the modern world. Compound Histories explores the place of chemistry in material and knowledge production; the growth and management of consumption; environmental changes, regulation of materials, markets, landscapes and societies; and practices embodied in political economy. Rather than emphasize revolutionary breaks and the primacy of innovation-driven change, the volume highlights the continuities and accumulation of incremental changes that framed historical development. Contributors are: Robert G.W. Anderson, Bernadette Bensaude Vincent, José Ramón Bertomeu Sánchez, John R.R. Christie, Joppe van Driel, Frank A.J.L. James, Christine Lehman, Lissa L. Roberts, Thomas le Roux, Elena Serrano, Anna Simmons, Marie Thébaud-Sorger, Sacha Tomic, Andreas Weber, and Simon Werrett.

For further details, including how to order a copy, please visit the book's page on Brill.com