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"quite simply the best"

2 October 2013

STS scores massively well on the 2013 NSS student survey. In reply to every question, STS scores, on average, nearly 13% above UCL-wide results.

In comparison, UCL History scores 6% above the UCL average and UCL Philosophy scores nearly 2% above the average. 

Our results include several bits we are especially proud about: 

  • 100% of the replies agreed with the statement "Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the course"
  • 100% agreed with "Staff are good at explaining things"
  • 100% agreed with "The course is intellectually stimulating"

In the case of one comment, "I have received detailed comments on my work," STS scores a stunning 39% higher than the UCL-wide result.

14 replies were received, representing 67% of eligible students.

Some of the comments included: 

"The STS Department is quite simply the best one at UCL. Having had experience with other departments, I have realized how efficient and organised they actually are. My experience with all the staff has been amicable and very informative. I am very pleased to have been a part of it and would do it all again, given the chance."

"I was blessed with a brilliant personal tutor who actually is the reason that I am graduating this year. She helped me through my three years and pulled me back up from one of the lowest points in my life to graduate finally. Also I loved that I was studying something so intellectually stimulating with world-class professors and was a part of a small department where everyone including all my professors and teachers knew my name and recognised me. There was help always available from anyone and everyone and my department made my experience truly one that I will cherish for the rest of my life."

"The course has been extremely intellectual stimulating and equipping students with a very broad range of skills that will, without a doubt, prove to be valuable for their future careers. Some lecturers in the department deserve special mention for bringing unconventional areas of Science and Technology Studies under the attention of students, showing there is an academic niche to be found for everyone."

"Great uni, STS is a good department. It is small, which makes the experience more personal."

"My tutors were really supportive; I had a baby at the end of second year, all the tutors and the whole department were supportive and behind me all the way."

We thank all the students for participating.

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