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Seminar: Annamaria Carusi (Sheffield) - Organismic reshuffling: chemicals, organisms and computers

Start: Oct 11, 2017 04:00 PM
End: Oct 11, 2017 06:00 PM

Location: Malet Place rm 1.2


11th October 2017, starting at 16:30, with tea and coffee available from 16:00.


UCL Malet Place Engineering building, room 1.2, starting at 16:30, with tea and coffee available from 16:00.


There is currently a kind of ‘organismic reshuffling’ taking place across sciences that are concerned with human health, animals, and the environment. Driven by the rise of a wide array of computational approaches, and by the reconfiguration of sociability and access to resources by social media, this organismic reshuffling sees living organisms (human and non-human) as research models juxtaposed with and displaced by in silico methods in science and in silico sociability among scientists. The epistemic, social and ethical aspects of this are intricately interconnected.

In this talk, I shall discuss emerging developments in chemical safety testing as a current example of ‘organismic reshuffling.  Informed by the science of toxicology, chemical safety testing is closely aligned with policy and regulation, as it potentially has something to say about almost any substance that interacts with human and animal bodies and the environment. It is currently going through a profound shift, brought about by the combined and closely interconnected forces of technological, social and institutional change. The nature of this shift, and its implications for the organisms caught up in it, is the topic of this talk.

About the speaker

Annamaria Carusi is Reader in Medical Humanities at the University of Sheffield. She combines philosophical and social studies of science, focusing in particular on the mediating role of technologies in formations of scientific knowledge. She has several publications on computational modeling and visualisations in biomedical sciences, and has recently published on images as trust mediators in clinical settings.

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