UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies



I am currently supervising a number of PhD students at STS, UCl.

  • Rory Jubber (as Primary Supervisor) (Oct 2015 - Present) Naturalism and Universals
  • Toby Friend (as Secondary Supervisor) (Oct 2014 - Present) Laws of Nature
  • Stephanie Ratcliffe as Primary Supervisor (Oct 2011 - 2015) Metaphysics of Science, Causation, Dispositions, Natural Kinds and Causal Processes in Chemistry
  • Yafeng Shen as Primary Supervisor (Oct 2012 - 2016) Scientific Systems, Scientific Paradigms and Incommensurability, Thomas Kuhn.
  • Hugh McKenzie as Secondary Supervisor (Oct 2011- Present) Part-Time Plato's Atomism

If you are interested in exploring potential PhD opportunities within STS at UCL please contact the Graduate Tutor in the first instance, although you are of course welcome to contact me directly to discuss potential areas of interest.