UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies

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Undergraduate Teaching

  • HPSC 3003 Communication of Scientific Ideas
  • HPSC 3010 Popularisation of the Physical Sciences

STS Research Activities

Prof. Miller's current research in Science and Technology Studies centres on issues concerning the relationship between science and society, and he is active in the development of materials for teaching in this area. He is particularly interested in the European dimension of such activities.

Other research interests include: Efforts in the public understanding of astronomy; Case studies in the popularisation of the physical sciences; Historical development of the "Two Cultures" division.

Prof Miller also has been Director of these projects:

  • ENSCOT - European Network of Science Communication Teachers (pdf)
  • ESConet - European Science Communication Network (pdf)

Prof. Miller is Director of the European Science Communication network (ESConet) and directed the European Network of Science Communication Teachers (ENSCOT) between 1999 and 2003, projects supported by the European Union Framework programmes. These projects have produced modules for science communication training. 

As well as delivering basic media writing, interviewing and web skills, ESConet science communication training modules address the needs of researchers to communicate in challenging situations, and under conditions where science is not the only voice and listening is at a premium. During 2009 and 2010, ESConet trained some 250 of Europe's leading researchers in basic and advanced communication skills. 

Prof. Miller is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Public Communication of Science and Technology network (PCST), and chaired the European Commission’s Expert Group Benchmarking the Promotion of RTD Culture and Public Understanding of Science, which reported in June 2002. He also spent six years as a political journalist. With Jane Gregory, he wrote the influential book Science in Public: communication, culture and credibility.

Astronomy Expertise

Additionally, Prof. Miller is a member of the Department of Physics and Astronomyat UCL. There he is active in research in planetary science in the Atmospheric Physics Laboratory, studying the atmospheres of giant planets in our own Solar System and beyond. Prof. Miller is currently working on the popularisation of astronomy, particularly in culturally sensitive areas such as Hawai'i, where he has carried out numerous observational campaigns at the Mauna Kea Observatory, and volunteers at the 'Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai'i.  

Prof. Miller is a member of the Solar System Exploration Working Group for the European Space Agency, and of the UK Space Agency's Science Programme Advisory Committee and Aurora Advisory Committee. He was a member of the Science and Society Advisory Panel and chaired the Solar System Advisory Panel for PPARC (now STFC).