Lock, Simon J

Dr Simon J Lock is a Lecturer in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at University College London. His research focuses on the governance of science, sociology of new technology and science in public. His focus is interdisciplinary examining the public dimensions of new science and technology from sociological, historical and policy-related perspectives.


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> 020 7679 3763
> 22 Gordon Square

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Simon teaches a variety of modules across the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the STS department and for the UCL Graduate School. He has recently completed a Certificate in Postgraduate Teaching and Learning at the Institute of Education, London.

Departmental Teaching in 2015-16

Simon is on sabbatical leave this year and is not teaching.

Graduate School Teaching

Simon is part of the STS Departmental team which co-ordinates and delivers (with UCL Public Engagement Unit) the Graduate School Skills Training Programme: Connecting with the public: Research Communication, Public Engagement and Outreach.

This is a series of workshops and courses tailored specifically to supporting UCL research postgraduates interested in public communication and engagement. The interactive sessions provide practical opportunities to explore the variety of ways in which researchers can effectively interact with public groups, from straightforward communication of research findings to dialogue about controversial issues to ‘citizen science’. Feedback from students who attend these workshops is consistently excellent.

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Previous teaching

Simon has over 10 years of teaching experience at UCL and Birkbeck College (as a sessional lecturer) teaching on a wide variety of courses:

  • HPSC1008: Introduction to Science Communication
  • HPSC1010: Revealing Science
  • HPSC2002: Science in the Mass Media
  • HPSC2008: Human Science in Society
  • HPSC2011: Science, Communication and the Citizen 
  • HPSC2014: Science Policy Issues in Global Perspective
  • HPSC2015: Technology and Global Citizenship
  • HPSC2017: Global Citizenship in Action
  • HPSC3013: New Genetics and Society
  • HPSC3053: Globalization in Theory and Practice 
  • HPSCGA59: Special Topics in STS
  • SSC0187: Philosophy, Medicine and Science (UCL Medical School option)
  • MAPS1001: Science, Society and Communication for Natural Scientists

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