UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies


Dissemination, Engagement & Impact

Engaging with both academic and non-academic audiences is an important aspect of Simon’s work. He has over the past several years worked hard to bring academic research to new audiences, and also work with policy-makers and businesses.

Selected activities

  • Lock, S ‘Engaging Brains: Neuroscientists on public engagement’, PCST conference, Brazil, May 2014
  • Lock, S and Smallman, M, 'Nuclear power sounded wonderful 40 years ago', Science in Public Conference, Nottingham July 2013
  • DECC lunchtime seminar: 'Public Participation and Climate Change Infrastructure', Oct 2012.
  • Conference panel discussion co-convenor and chair: ‘Back to the future: why should we promote public engagement with science?’ (with Brian Wynne, Sheila Jasanoff, Maja Horst, Alan Irwin, Dave Guston), 4S/EASST, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2012.
  • Conference paper: ‘STS and Sexuality: Why the silence?’ (with Georgina Voss, Brighton University) 4S/EASST, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2012.
  • Simon was co-chair for the 7th Annual Science in Public conference at UCL in July 2012. Go to the website for more details.
  • 'Going Low-Carbon: The governance of climate change technologies', UCL Public Policy/Laws Panel debate, December 2011 (summary of event)
  • In October 2011 Simon made his comedy stand-up debut at UCL's Bright Club 'Humanities'
  • 'Lost in Translation? Discourses of public engagement and legitimacy in the UK', Science and the Public Conference, Kingston University, July 2011 (abstract)
  • 'Let's not lose the radical potential of public engagement', UCL Public Engagement Symposium, June 2011 (event link)

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