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Illari, Phyllis

Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science

Dr Illari began her post in August 2012.


My core concern is the Metaphysics, Epistemology and Methodology of Causality in the Sciences, but I have wide research interests in Philosophy of Science, particularly Philosophy of Biology and Psychology, the still-expanding Mechanisms debate, and the relatively new but vibrant Philosophy of Information.  I also enjoy Plato, and can never entirely resist Ethics and Political Philosophy, which I don't have time to research, but love to teach.

I studied PPE at Oxford, took my MPhil in Philosophy at UCL's Philosophy Department, and my PhD at King's College London, working with David Papineau. I spent two years teaching at the University of Stirling, and two years at the University of Bristol. Just before joining UCL, in 2012-13, I finished a project on Information Quality at the University of Hertfordshire, working with Luciano Floridi, and in 2007-10 completed a project on Mechanisms and Causality (http://www.kent.ac.uk/secl/philosophy/jw/2007/MechanismsCausality/) at the University of Kent, working with Jon Williamson.

I am primarily research active in the philosophy of science, particularly the philosophy of causality and the philosophy of information. I am one of the founding steering committee members of the Causality in the Sciences conference series(http://blogs.kent.ac.uk/jonw/conferences/cits/), and one of the founding committee members of the Society for the Philosophy of Information (http://socphilinfo.org/).

I am the author of numerous articles in philosophy of science. I have two recent books: Causality: Philosophical theory meets scientific practice with Federica Russo (OUP, 2014), and Information Quality co-edited with Luciano Floridi (Springer, 2014). I edited the volume Causality in the Sciences (OUP 2011) with Federica Russo and Jon Williamson and co-edited the special issue Causality in the Biomedical and Social Sciences: Special issue of Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science (2012) with Julian Reiss and Federica Russo. I joined the committee of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science in September 2013, am editor of the Springer journal Philosophy & Technology and editor in chief of The Philosophy of Information: A Simple Introduction, launched in 2012, and updated annually.

My particular current interests are on mechanisms, causality, and information, and how they impact on evidence assessment in biomedical sciences. With Brendan Clarke, Donald Gillies, Mike Kelly, Federica Russo, Kurt Straif, and Jon Williamson, I am just beginning an AHRC project ‘Evaluating Evidence in Mechanisms’, led by the University of Kent and UCL.

For more information, see my academia.edu page.


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