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London Ancient Science Conference

An annual conference in London to discuss current research in the field. 

12th London Ancient Science Conference 2018

The 12th London Ancient Science Conference will be held at the Institute of Classical Studies, London, Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th February 2018.

The Call for Papers for the 12th conference 2018 is now open.
Please send a title and abstract (200-300 words) to Prof. Andrew Gregory, ucrhadg@ucl.ac.uk.
Papers are welcome from academics, postdocs and postgraduate students.
Papers may be on any aspect of ancient science (philosophical, historical, technical, sociological) and may be on the science of any ancient culture.
Deadline for abstracts 31st November, decisions in first week of December.
Papers will generally have 30 minutes, guideline 20 minutes presentation 10 minutes discussion.

There is no conference fee or need to pre-book.
Please feel free to drop in for any session.

The conference is sponsored by the Institute of Classical Studies and the Department of Science and Technology Studies, UCL.

For further information contact Prof. Andrew Gregory, andrew.gregory@ucl.ac.uk

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Sponsored by: The Institute of Classical Studies, The Department of Science and Technology Studies UCL, The British Society for the History of Science.