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Prof. Andrew Gregory - Teaching

This page provides information about Prof. Gregory's teaching.

Undergraduate (UGT) modules

  • HPSC1001 History of Science 1: Antiquity to Enlightenment (Moodle)
  • BASC/HPSC2012 Science Meets Religion in a Global Context (Moodle)
  • HPSC3015 History of Astronomy and Cosmology (Moodle)

Taught Masters (PGT) modules

HPSCGA25 Science in Antiquity

This course looks at the activities of the ancients in attempting to understand, predict and control the world around them. The main focus is the Greek ‘investigation concerning nature’ and its philosophical, religious and social context. We look at the study of the heavens, including theories of how the world came into being, medicine, mathematics and technology. We also look at how the Greeks thought of disciplines such as astrology and alchemy and how their activities related to magic. While the main focus is the Greeks, we also look at the Babylonian and Roman cultures, their medicine, technology and how they conceived of the world around them.