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Research Volunteers Workshop

10 June 2011 at UCL

FULL REPORT now available

The full report of this discussion meeting on the role and contribution of volunteer research subjects, and allied matters concerned with patient and public participation in biomedical research, is now available both online and as a printed copy.

To get your hard copy of  the published report email with your full mailing address and a copy will be posted to you.  Or see the online version (pdf file: 5 Mb) on the Research Volunteers website:

Research Volunteers Forum

Research Volunteers Workshop

Friday 10 June 2011

University College London

A discussion meeting on the role and contribution of volunteer research subjects in biomedical research, with the focus on how volunteers themselves understand and explain their participation was held at UCL in June this year. We aimed to generate discussion among a small number (around 40) invited participants from research, advocacy, management and policy backgrounds concerning the implications of a better understanding of (patient) volunteers’ views for research management, ethics and policies aiming at increasing participation in clinical studies. 

Norma Morris, Jeremy Hebden, Brian Balmer (Co-organisers)
Shana Vijayan (Project Manager)

Discussion, both in plenary session and break-out groups ranged widely, emphasising the benefits of greater public, patient and participant involvement at all levels of the research process and highlighting both areas where notable progress had been made and those where much remained to be done.  The agenda for action emerging from the debate will be sketched out in the Report of the meeting and refined in further discussion among the individuals and organisations represented at the meeting and readers of the 'research volunteers' website being developed at: www.

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