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HPSC3051 Zoos in Science and Culture

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Module description

We once loved zoos. They stood as an important symbol of science at its best. In the 21st century, this changed. Zoos are at the centre of many debates about the role of science in society, about the limits of human-animal interactions, and about the future of biodiversity in the wild. The module explores history, ethics, and policy as they relate to zoos. Students will have opportunities to research and debate. Most important, they’ll have an opportunity to *think* about the role of zoos as centres of science, science communication, and cultural engagement. We’ll also have opportunities to visit several different types of zoo spaces in London.


  • One 4,000 essay
  • No examination


  • view timetable online (link)


  • 2016-17 syllabus (pdf)
  • 2017-18 module not offered

Module tutor

  • Professor Joe Cain